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Would You Like to Attend Our Worship Services In-Person?

Beginning in June, some of these events will be in-person as well as on Zoom. Please check our calendar for details:  Wednesday evening minyan, Friday night erev Shabbat, and Saturday Shabbat morning services. As a result of heath concerns, in-person attendance is presently limited to people who are vaccinated, and seating must be reserved.  All others are invited to join us via Zoom. 

We are no longer streaming the prayer book over zoom during our service.  Instead, please download the PDF of the Prayer book so you can follow along.

To view and download the PDF of the Prayer books, please CLICK HERE

If you are not a member and would like more information, please contact us at  <>

If you are a member, please login below. 

Please note: As our first concern is everyone's safety, we ask for your strict support of the following. 


  1. Attendance at all events will be limited. Indoor events are further limited to fully vaccinated individuals only, and to children. Masks are to be worn at all events, by all age 2 and over. Masks must cover your nose and mouth and not have exhale valves. Those individuals leading the events will not be masked, but they will be fully vaccinated and distanced.  
  2. Reservations are required for all events.  If we reach our capacity, you will be informed and can choose to be added to a wait list.  The total number of people attending will be displayed to you when you register for any event, so you can decide your own comfort level in attending. When making a reservation you will be asked for all of the names in your group, in the event that contact tracing should be required. 
  3. When entering the Synagogue, please be prepared to have your reservation confirmed by a greeter. Seating groups of 4 or 6 seats will have been spaced out throughout the Sanctuary. Please make the most efficient use of chairs for the size of your group. (For example, a group of 1, 2, 3 or 4 people would occupy a seating group consisting of 4 chairs). Please do not move any chairs - maintain the groups of 4 or 6 seats as you find them. Please plan to have children stay with you, and not wander throughout the building.  
  4. Books, kippot and tallitot used during the service will be available and should be left in specially designated areas at the conclusion of each service. Of course, you may bring your own.  We ask that you not leave your own items behind. 
  5. Restrooms will be open.  Water fountains have been turned off - please feel free to bring your own water container. We will not be serving our traditional Oneg refreshments at this time. We also ask that you do not congregate in the building adjacent to any Adat Reyim service or program. Chatting outside the building is fine
  6.  If you attend any programming or event at Adat Reyim and subsequently learn that you are COVID-19 positive, please notify Interim Executive Director Gary Fifer immediately. 
  7. Rabbi Glazer plans to be at many events, and therefore assumes a significant health risk on behalf of our community. Out of respect for that situation, she looks forward to greeting you outdoors after any program or service, weather permitting. She will be masked, and requests you be masked as well. To avoid possible transmission between congregants, she also will not be shaking hands. 
  8. While we are working to minimize risk to the health and safety of this community, we are unable to eliminate all risk. Therefore, we ask that if you are in an ‘at-risk’ group, please consider joining events online instead of coming in the building. Further, we ask that any person not feeling well, exhibiting a fever, or otherwise in a questionable situation should not come into the building. By entering the building, you voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19.

We look forward to seeing you and appreciate your cooperation as we open our doors. Please contact Gary Fifer with any questions. 

Covid Safety Questionnaire:  Please note that the answer to the following question must apply to each participant in your reservation, with the exception of children. 
Thank you for your interest in joining us in person. Please Click Here to make your reservation for each event.
Thank you for your interest in joining us in person.  Unfortunately, based on your response, in the interest of keeping everyone safe we will not be able to accommodate you in-person at this time.  We welcome you to participate by Zoom, and to join us when you have been vaccinated. 

Please note: If you are observing Shiva or Yahrzeit and are unable to obtain a reservation please contact us at We will accommodate this important need. 

You can reserve your seats for each of the dates below. 

   06/04/21 - Friday Night Services - 28 of 30 Left
   06/05/21 - Saturday morning Services - 30 Open
   06/11/21 - Friday Night Services - 28 of 30 Left
   06/12/21 - Saturday morning Services - 5 of 30 Left
   06/18/21 - Friday Night Services - 30 Open
   06/19/21 - Saturday morning Services - 26 of 30 Left
   06/25/21 - Friday Night Services - 28 of 30 Left

If your desired date is fully booked, please choose the number of seats you want to be added to the waitlist below. 

   06/04/21 - Friday Night Services - 10 Open
   06/05/21 - Saturday morning Services - 10 Open
   06/11/21 - Friday Night Services - 10 Open
   06/12/21 - Saturday morning Services - 7 of 10 Left
   06/18/21 - Friday Night Services - 10 Open
   06/19/21 - Saturday morning Services - 10 Open
   06/19/21 - Friday Night Services - 10 Open


Sun, June 20 2021 10 Tammuz 5781