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Special Lag B'Omer message from Rabbi Aft

05/07/2015 09:54:19 AM


Dear Friends,


As you know we are in the midst of counting the Omer.  Today is the 33rd day in our counting which Is called Lag B'Omer since the Hebrew letter Lamed has the numerical value of 30 and the Hebrew letter Gimel has the value of 3


According to our tradition Rabbi Akiba's students had been afflicted with an illness due to their gossiping and on Lag B'Omer, the plague of the illness lifted.


One of the many lessons we learn from this story is the power of gossip.  Those of you who attended services recently heard me talk about ways in which cyber bullying continue to plague many of our students as through social media and other phone apps people find hurtful ways to talk about each other.


While we were on sabbatical, we attended a service where my favorite meditation found at the conclusion of the  Amidah was translated as O' G-d, guard my tongue from evil and my lips from causing harm.


May we be kind in our words and actions.  In Israel and throughout the Jewish world, people celebrate with picnics and family outings.  Why don't you go out for ice cream sometime today and say something nice to someone to brighten their day?


Hay Sameach!


Rabbi Bruce Aft



Congregation Adat Reyim


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