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Shabbat Message from Rabbi Aft

06/05/2015 01:57:41 PM



Dear Friends,


It was really amazing.  Last Wednesday night Sue and I were at the annual meeting of the Jewish Federation of Greater Washington.   Steve Schwartz was invited to speak about his outreach to members of our congregation for the create a Jewish Legacy program.


Steve's efforts have been exemplary and the folks at the Jewish Federation wanted him to talk about how he has made this such a successful venture at Adat Reyim.  In front of approximately 200 leaders in our Jewish community, Steve spoke about his love of Congregation Adat Reyim and how he much he cares about all of us.  He spoke about how he has carried dozens of our children around the sanctuary,meow he and Valerie have celebrated joyous events and memorialized his parents at our synagogue.  He talked about how he has talked about the legacy program with our membership.


The most special part of his presentation was not what he said, but how much love he felt for us. When I think about what I hope a shul can mean to someone, I only hope that we can create the sort of caring, loving community he described.  If you feel that we have made a difference in your life, then tell your friends so that we can reach out to them and touch their lives.  Encourage the people you know to join our community of friends and participate in one of the many activities or services we have scheduled over the summer.


Thank you, Steve, for reminding us of what a powerful role a synagogue can play in our lives.  Thank you for the special relationships you have built with so many of us and that we have made with you.  You truly have made and are making a difference.


Finally, in Psalm 150, we are taught what role music has played in helping experience the Divine.  I hope all of us will come together to celebrate with our Choir and Folk Group on Saturday, June 13 in our celebration of Praise and Inspiration.  It promises to be an evening that we will speak about for years and I am personally grateful to Mitch Bassman, the choir, Larry Kugler, Russell Nadel, and the Folk Group, and all who are working hard to make this special evening occur.



Shabbat Shalom,


Rabbi Bruce Aft


Congregation Adat Reyim


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