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Rabbi Search Information

Photos from our first Rabbi Search Discussion 10.28.18:

To contact the rabbi search committe co-chairs, Esther Bland and Shira Solomon, please email


Rabbi Search Steering Committee (September 2018)

Co-Chairs: Shira Solomon & Esther Bland
Members: Randi Adleberg, Sarah Berry, Andrea Cate, Amelia Cohen-Levy, Mark Cutler, Rebecca Geller, Eileen Kugler, Michelle Mermelstein, Andrea Sobel, Ed Weiner




Co-Chairs: Andrea Sobel and Mark Cutler

Committee members:  Randi Adleberg, Rebecca Gibson, Sherri Shunfenthal, Susan Bigman, Sunny Rome, Joanie Hunn

Mission of Congregational Input Subcommittee: To gather perspectives from every member of Adat Reyim in order to articulate (1)  Core values of our congregation:  How we would describe ourselves to Rabbi candidates and; (2) Most important characteristics and qualities our next Rabbi should have.



Co-chairs: Eileen Kugler and Sarah Berry. Members: Josh Green, Loretta Stein, Aviva Kurash

Mission of Outreach and Recruitment Subcommittee: To reach qualified potential candidates for our rabbi position, by broadly identifying outlets, including individuals and organizations, to share information about our congregation and position.


 Co-Chairs: Rebecca Geller and Amelia Cohen-Levy

Committee members:  Ed Weiner, Steve Adelberg, Joanie Hunn, & Beryl Loveland-Ebert.  This committee is still in formation and will need at least 10-15 subcommittee members in 2019.

Mission of Selection Process Subcommittee: Our goal is to oversee a smooth and fair selection process that will enable the synagogue to find the best candidate for a long-term rabbi with Adat Reyim.   We will develop a detailed plan and budget for selecting the rabbi, based on the timeline. This subcommittee will organize initial interviews and plan candidate weekend visits. We will develop draft interview questions for candidates for discussion by the full committee. All committee members will have the opportunity to participate in interviews. We will conduct rabbi interviews, obtain feedback from committee members, and prepare recommendations to the board.



Co-Chairs: Michelle Leff Mermelstein and  Shelly Zocchi. Committee Members: Dory Lummer, Suzy Tucker

Mission: Establish and maintain open lines of communications between search committee/subcommittees and congregation; actively share information with congregation regarding opportunities for input into the rabbi search process and candidates; provide regular updates regarding search process and candidates with congregation and community.


Milestones to the Rabbi Search

Adat Reyim Rabbi Search FAQ

(Updated 10/23/18) 

Q: When is Rabbi Aft retiring?

In 2005, the Board of Directors and Rabbi Aft discussed plans for Rabbi Aft to serve as Rabbi of Adat Reyim through June 2020, when he will retire. He has given us ample time to think deeply about our values as a community and what we seek in our next spiritual leader. Rabbi Aft is very supportive of the search committee and he is committed to helping us thrive during this important transition period.


Q: Who is on the Rabbi Search Committee?

A: Executive Vice-President Shira Solomon and Co-Chair Esther Bland lead the search committee. Committee members span a wide variety of demographics to ensure that we have widespread involvement. Committee members represent all parts of our community including newer members, long-time members, empty nesters, and parents of students in the preschool, religious school, and teen program. The full list of committee members can be found on the Adat Reyim Rabbi Search web page. The committee also includes subcommittees which focus on various parts of the search process. 


Q: How can I get involved?

A: Contact the committee chairs at and they will be in touch to discuss your interests and ways you would like to get involved. We are actively seeking volunteers to serve on the four subcommittees – Congregational Input & Values Clarification; Candidate Outreach & Recruitment; Overall Selection Process, and Communication.


Q: How can I share my views on what I want in a rabbi?

A: The entire synagogue membership will be asked for input in many different ways and at different times throughout the process, including feedback on rabbi candidates during their visits to Adat Reyim. The committee will publicize opportunities to make your voice heard, but you can always feel free to email your thoughts to Our goal is to hear from every member of the Adat Reyim community. There will be several large open forums, smaller group meetings and other activities for congregational input. We will conduct a widespread survey to obtain input. The committee will make personal phone calls to every synagogue member to seek your input. Look for opportunities on Facebook, Chai Lights and the Adat Reyim Rabbi Search web page.


Q: I know someone that may be a great candidate – what do I do?

A: One of the best ways we can find our new rabbi is through a referral. If you have any leads or information on someone the committee should consider, please send an email to


Q: Is the committee looking to hire an interim rabbi?

A: The committee carefully considered, researched and explored options for an interim rabbi. Ultimately, the committee rejected hiring an interim rabbi for a variety of reasons including the desire to start the search early and focus on a longer-term solution to our leadership needs. Please click here to read the report.


Q: Is there planning underway to celebrate Rabbi Aft’s retirement?

A: The Adat Reyim community is extremely grateful to Rabbi Bruce and Sue Aft for their service to our synagogue. The Board of Directors is working on plans to celebrate, reminisce and properly thank them for their commitment to Adat Reyim. Stay tuned for more details on specific events.

Wed, November 21 2018 13 Kislev 5779