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Rabbi Search FAQs

Please submit questions, concerns and comments to .
This page will be updated as needed.

1. How will Facebook be used to communicate about the Rabbi Search process?

The RSC recognizes and appreciates the Facebook group as a medium for member discussions and the sharing of ideas and intends to monitor this page for ideas and constructive contributions. Because only a portion of CAR members have access to FB, RSC posts will be focused on status updates and advertisements to get the word out, reposting messages that have also been shared through office email and/or the RSC website. RSC reserves the right to remove comments regarding the current Rabbi as well as any comments that violate basic rules of decorum, as that is not the focus of our task.  RSC strongly encourages members to send the most pressing comments, questions, and concerns to Our website, , will include the most current information including this Q&A section.


2. How is the rabbi selected?

From our congregational bylaws:

A rabbinical Selection Committee will, as necessary, be appointed by the Board to present a candidate to the membership. After a Board meeting, to which the entire membership shall receive written notice, the Board will recommend selection of a Rabbi to the membership at a Special Meeting called for the purpose. The notice of that Special Meeting shall include the general terms of the Rabbi’s contract. The election of a Rabbi shall be by a majority vote of those eligible members of the Congregation present, and voting in person or by proxy.

The current Rabbi Search Committee will conduct interviews, arrange visits by candidates, check references, and collect member and staff feedback. Then they will present results and recommend a candidate to the board.


3. What are the traits you are looking for when searching for candidates and can we hire a specific type of person to be our new rabbi?

We can hire any candidate that meets the requirements of our job description .


4. Are we hiring a permanent or interim rabbi? 

The congregation has hired an interim rabbi to serve until June 30, 2024. 

The RSC is searching for a permanent rabbi to begin July 1, 2024.


5. From which rabbinical training institutions are we seeking applicants?

The RSC has reached out to the following institutions to advertise our position:

Hebrew College

Academy for Jewish Religion NY

Academy for Jewish Religion California

Aleph Alliance for Jewish Renewal

Reconstructionist Rabbinical College

The RSC has received applicants from the following institutions:

Rabbinical Seminary International

The Rabbinical Academy - Mesifta Adath Wolkowsk, Inc.

Jewish Spiritual Leaders Institute


6. How many candidates will we bring into the sanctuary for the final round?

     There is currently no set number of finalists. The list of finalists, dates of the visits, and details of the final round visit will be provided to the congregation at a future date.


7. For those with online certifications, how is that acceptable as a qualified ordination? Why are online certifications qualified?

     We have taken some as candidates after reviewing the online seminary and as long as they have significant experience (i.e. decades) working in the Jewish community. Examples of experience are religious school director and teacher, lay Rabbi/Chazzan, etc.

     Acknowledged that Pastoral care could be an issue. There are questions dealing with pastoral care in the 2nd round interviews.

8. What will the final round interviews look like?

     This is an open question. The RSC is still working on the format of the final round interviews that are at Congregation Adat Reyim and how the candidates will meet with the different groups. It will most likely be a multi-day interview.

9. Why is there currently an interim Rabbi?

     We currently have an interim Rabbi because of the late start to Rabbi search in February 2023 and the compressed time line needed to find a Rabbi.


10. When do we expect to have chosen the next permanent Rabbi?

     The time line is for March, but of course it could stretch longer.


11. Are you requiring candidates to be rabbis?

     The job description requires rabbinic ordination.


12. Have we considered a long term contract with the rabbi that is selected?

     The RSC’s job is to find candidates for our permanent Rabbi position and to present a single choice to the executive board for approval. The RSC is not tasked with contract negotiations. A separate committee will be set up to handle negotiations and contract.

13. Are there questions to ask the candidates how to grow the congregation?

     Yes, we ask specific questions about this in the 2nd and 3rd round interview.




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