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High Holidays 2020 / 5781

Message from Rabbi Glazer

A New Year’s Message, from Your New Rabbi


Dear Friends,

L’Shanah Tovah – We’ll often translate this as “Happy New Year,” but somehow that doesn’t feel like quite the right sentiment for these unique times that we are in. Instead, I prefer the actual Hebrew translation, that it should be a “Good Year” for us.

I’d like to know what that means for you. What is your heart, your mind, your soul yearning for in this New Year? What prayers or blessings would give you comfort, courage or hope? Go to our community Facebook group: and add your thoughts there.

I put this question up there, in a semi-public community space, to remind us that these Holidays are communal activities. We say these prayers in synagogue together in community, because the Big Life Questions of the Holidays can be too much to hold alone. The Rabbis of our Tradition wanted us to be saying these prayers together, looking out for each other, when taking stock of our lives, when facing our soul, when facing the Holy One.

You may be asking: but how do we achieve that feeling of community when all of our services are online, with each of us, our families, sitting in our homes? First, I just want to say that I really do wish we could be doing these services together in the synagogue, and I know many of you feel the same way. And I really look forward to the time when we can all be physically gathering together again, soon as it is safe enough to do so.

But that’s not where we are this year. How can we still make it work?

Most important, I think, is to remember that our online Holiday services are REAL NOT VIRTUAL. For all of us leading these services, there is nothing virtual about the prayers that we will chant, the music we will make or the intention in our hearts – we will just be leading from different physical locations. If you like to dress up on the Holidays, please do dress up for our online services too. Personally, I like to wear white. Find your comfortable spot in your home, just like you would do in the sanctuary, from which to join our services. Open up the Reflections Booklet. Find your friends and loved ones online.

Another invitation is to lean in to what’s different and new this year.

For example, if you’re a one-day service-goer, take advantage of our services being consecutive and not concurrent (plus they are significantly shorter) – and try out something new. Get on to services early, so you are all settled in when we start. With a new Rabbi, you may experience a prayer differently this year – be present for it. Try the chat function, to be seen and heard by your community.

One final suggestion: even if you don’t normally attend our online services and might feel disinclined to do so now, I encourage you to give it a try this time anyway. Your presence matters, your prayers matter, and we need you there to be a whole community, to be our beloved Community of Friends, Adat Reyim.

Lastly, I want to thank our synagogue staff and leadership and the literally dozens of Adat Reyim members collaborating and participating in our services this year. It’s been amazing to work with you. I also want to thank you all for your support of me through this process as your new Rabbi. I want you to

know that I am here for you and will be there for you, before, during and after these Holidays, to help guide us forward into this Brave New Year of 5781.

Let’s make it a Good New Year, together!

L’Shanah Tovah,

Rabbi Glazer

Message from Co-Presidents


Our synagogue activities continue to flourish even during a global pandemic! We are truly grateful to our membership for continuing to support each other and for your ongoing support of our synagogue during this most unusual time. We rely on your volunteerism, your financial contributions, and your commitment to community -- and you have truly risen to meet the needs of our synagogue during the pandemic.

We are excited to celebrate our first high holiday season with Rabbi Chana Leslie Glazer. She has spent the last 2 months getting to know congregants through a multitude of online forums, listening sessions, and small groups.  Led by Andrea Sobel, our Rabbi Success Team has been working hard to ensure a smooth transition for Rabbi Glazer to thrive as our new rabbiRabbi Glazer was delighted to meet so many members at our "Drive By With the Rabbi" event in July where she was greeted with posters and waves from congregants driving by her in the shul parking lot to welcome her to our community! More than 150 members have taken part in the listening sessions so far, helping Rabbi Glazer get to know us as we get to know her.

Adat Reyim's "Community of Friends" has found new ways to connect via online platforms during this unprecedented time. Our Shabbat services have engaged members in higher numbers than some of our past summer in-person services!  New activities have developed a loyal following. Larry Meinstein has organized an engaging online Hebrew conversation class. Dr. Maurice Mizrahi has a robust following for his weekly online "Torah cafe" discussions of the weekly Torah portion. Rabbi Glazer will be launching a weekly online "Meditation Minyan" on Tuesday mornings and an "Exploring Judaism" class at midday on Sundays - watch your email for details!

We utilized small online groups to eat dinner together virtually for a special Shabbat Under the Stars service. (Be sure to join us for our Erev Rosh Hashanah online small group dinners!)  We joined together online for a lively book discussion about race and Judaism.   

Just this past weekend, we had an incredibly successful Outdoor Musical Coffee House in the synagogue parking lot for members to sing songs and connect in an outdoor, socially distanced setting -- in what felt like the most normal feeling activity many of us have attended all summer! Hundreds of others watched online via Facebook Live. Special thanks to Larry Kugler who coordinated this terrific program.

The business of running a synagogue does not slow down during the summer.  Liz Bayer has been busy getting the Religious School ready for the new school year and making preparations for the High Holidays in her dual role as Executive Director and Religious School AdministratorStuart Hill has been engaged in carrying out the office activities remotely to ensure things continue to run smoothly. Marilyn Daniels has worked tirelessly to ensure our synagogue's books and finances are organized and in order during this challenging time.

In normal, non-pandemic times, we rely on volunteers to make things happen.  But in the current climate, our volunteer needs have skyrocketed -- and we are truly thankful for all of our volunteers who have stepped up -- our Board of Directors, office volunteers, Caring Committee, Security Committee, Re-opening task force, Building committee, Shir Reyim, Choir, Religious Policy and Practices Committee, to name a few -- it has been a busy summer!  Special thanks to Josh Green who has volunteered countless hours to help coordinate our online programs and services. 

Additionally, we are taking advantage of the time we cannot utilize the building for in-person events to improve our space. The rejuvenation of the Bimah has begun -- stay tuned for pictures with progress! The safety & security improvements have been completed with the grant money we received and we now have improved lighting, better access for people with disabilities, and better technology to ensure a safe, secure building. 

During this unsettling and challenging time in our world, our synagogue remains connected and committed to our Community of Friends -- perhaps more than ever before.  Thank you for continuing to stand with us and logging in. Our virtual high holiday services will be different than in-person services, but we are confident that we will deliver a meaningful, thoughtful high holiday experience for our diverse community. 

We wish you health and happiness in this new year! 

Kol Tuv – All the Best,

Rebecca Geller & Bruce Kaplan, Co-Presidents

Message from Executive Director

Dear Fellow Congregants,

On behalf of the staff at Congregation Adat Reyim I would like to wish you and your family a Healthy and Happy New Year. I think I normally say Happy and Healthy, but I have reversed the order this year, I don’t think I need to explain why. I have been so proud of our Congregation, Staff, and Volunteers for working so hard and jumping in to make the seamless transition to online school, programming and services. Do you remember when we had our Congregational Vote for our new Rabbi Online? It seems so long ago! The strength of our membership and the value that we have placed on health and taking care of one another has just proven to me the kind of community we are and how much we value each other. A core Jewish Value - Pekuach Nefesh!

This letter usually explains tickets, parking, childcare, scheduling and security. This year is a little different we don’t have to worry about parking or childcare, and our security needs and schedule are very different. Rabbi Glazer and our Religious Policy and Practices Committee have been working tirelessly for weeks to create online services that are also meaningful and relevant. In creating this year’s schedule, the goal has been to find ways to worship together as a community, at a time when so many feel separated from one another. Our services will be focused and shorter, and there will be only one service happening at any time so that Rabbi Glazer can be at all of them. I hope you use this year to try other services and programs, you never know what you might love!


High Holiday tickets are included as part of the cost of membership due. Members in Good Standing will receive Zoom links to the services with the schedule as we get closer to the holidays. Every year we rely on guest ticket sales to reach a balanced budget. Our guest ticket sales generate as much as $11,000 a year. You can help sustain the congregation and all of our High Holiday programming by purchasing guest tickets or by making a generous donation. We ask for $360 per adult and $180 per senior for your guests. If you have the ability to donate more during this difficult time, we would be truly grateful.

Security on Zoom

While we will not be in person security is always paramount during the High Holidays. Before connecting to services and programming please make sure that your name is correct in your Zoom profile. If you do not have a name or one that we recognize as a member or as someone who has purchased tickets, you will not be admitted into the Zoom Service. Please remember to keep yourself on Mute. We haven’t disabled the audio of attendees because we want the services to be interactive however they will be much more enjoyable if everyone who hasn’t been asked to speak stays on mute.


Staff and volunteers will be making deliveries of books, challah and more on Thursday, September 17th and Friday, September 18th. The deliveries will be left on your doorstep in a bag. Please watch for the delivery so that you can bring it inside before the animals enjoy your challah.

As always, if you have questions or specific needs, please don’t hesitate to call the office at (703)569-7577 and we will be happy to assist you

שנה טובה ובריאה
Elizabeth Bayer
Executive Director and Religious School Administrator


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Links will be sent to non-members and guests  who have purchased tickets.

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Erev Yom Kippur - Sunday, September 27

11:00 am - 12 :00 pm     Kever Avot Service  - “graves of the ancestors”  Click here to Register

Kever Avot (קֶבֶר אָבוֹת) is the custom of visiting the graves of loved ones between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Because many of us live far away from where our loved ones are buried, the staff at King David Memorial Gardens offers an annual memorial service for Kever Avot. Typically, hundreds of mourners from all over the DC region have attended this memorial service. For the first time in decades, the service this year will not be held live at the cemetery. Instead, it will be pre-recorded and streamed.  Rabbi Bruce Aft (emeritus of Congregation Adat Reyim) and Rabbi Stephanie Bernstein (of Temple Rodef Shalom) will lead the service this year.   Links for live stream will be available soon.3:00 - 3:45 pm      Teen Experience: Yom Kippur
Online discussion and journaling program led by Rabbi Glazer, Carla Richter and Dan Altman. Ages 13+

6:15 – 8:00 pm       Kol Nidre Service                                                                                                                        (Prayer book: Mahzor Hadash)
A community candle lighting and string quartet recording of Kol Nidre will open a traditional online service, led by Rabbi Glazer.

Yom Kippur - Monday, September 28

9:00 – 10:00 am     Spirit of Yom Kippur Service                                                                (Prayer book: Spirit of Yom Kippur Mahzor)
An innovative online service with musical instruments, with Rabbi Glazer and participation by congregants. (Will not include Torah service or discussion).

10:00 am – 12:30 pm     Traditional Yom Kippur Service                                                                         (Prayer book: Mahzor Hadash)
Online worship led by Rabbi Glazer with participation by choir members and congregants. Includes abbreviated Torah service and Rabbi’s sermon.

12:30 pm      Yizkor Service                                                                                                                                             (Prayer book: Mahzor Hadash)
Traditional online service led by Rabbi Glazer with participation by choir members.

3:00 – 3:45 pm     Family and Friends Service
Yom Kippur online experience geared toward families with young children, led by Andrea Cate and Carla Richter

4:00 – 4:45 pm     Program for School-Age Children
An interactive online learning activity for students, led by Liz Bayer and Deb Seidner. Ages 6+

6:30 pm     Afternoon Haftorah Reading
Chanting from the Book of Jonah, led online by Gary Lefkowitz.

7:00 pm      Ne’ilah – Closing Service                                                                                                                      (Prayer book: Mahzor Hadash)
Traditional online service led by Rabbi Glazer with participation by choir members.  

7:40 pm     Tekiyah Gedolah     Final shofar sounding

High Holiday Tickets

Access to online High Holiday services will be available to Members and Prospective Members of Congregation Adat Reyim.  If you are not a member of Congregation Adat Reyim, or if you are a member but would like additional tickets please use the following link.

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         Sukkot & Simchat Torah

Service Schedule

Sukkot - Friday, October 2 - Friday, October 9
Shemini Atzeret - Friday October 9th - Saturday October 10th 
Simchat Torah - Saturday October 10th  - Sunday October 11th

Friday, October 2nd.  Click here to join us for Services
8:00 pm    Shabbat & Erev Sukkot services w/Festival Additions                                

Saturday, October 3rd.  Click here to join us for services
9:30 am -noon     Sukkot Day 1 morning services with Hallel w/Lulav & Etrog           
Led by Rabbi Glazer with participation by congregants. Includes Hallel, as well as lulav and etrog.

To See Flyer Click on Image

Wednesday, October 7th.  Click here to join us for services
7:30 pm     Sukkot Chol HaMoed Maariv with Hoshanah Rabbah additions        
Led by Rabbi Glazer with participation by congregants. Includes Hoshanah Rabbah additions.                                                                                   

Saturday, October 10th
9:30-noon      Shemini Atzeret services w/Hallel & Yizkor                click hee to join us for services
6:30 – 8:00 pm      Simchat Torah - Evening Jam w/Music & Dancing        
With Rabbi Glazer and lots of great music!

To See Flyer Click on Image

Additional Details Coming Soon!

Sukkah visit (virtual) w/Rabbi Chana Leslie ♦ Reserve time in AR Sukkah ♦ Virtual Sukkot Visits

Mon, September 28 2020 10 Tishrei 5781