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Caring Committee

Welcome to the Adat Reyim Caring Committee. We are a group of volunteers whose efforts support the members of our Congregation in need of occasional assistance. *

What We Do

The objective of our Caring Committee is to help congregants when special needs arise that cannot be supported by close family members or friends.

Examples of assistance include:

  • Providing meals during illness, during Shiva or recovery from surgery. (Every effort is made to accommodate dietary restrictions or preferences, whenever possible.)
  • Visiting the sick and those who may be housebound and unable to drive.
  • Sending notes of condolence, get- well wishes, as well as notes at other appropriate times.
  • Committee members also make phone calls to provide support at such times.

Other Sources of Support

At times, members of our congregation may require long-term help or specialized assistance that is beyond what our Caring Committee is able to provide or equipped to handle. For assistance with chronic needs or long-term significant help, please see the list of county/community resources on the other side of this page. The help provided by these organizations may be useful.

How You Can Help

We are grateful to our dedicated volunteers who serve on the Adat Reyim Caring Committee and we welcome interested new members. Many Caring Committee members still work full time so although they can help on weekends, the need is especially great for those who are able to provide assistance or prepare a meal during the work week. If you are interested in becoming a member of the committee, please email the caring committee chairs Lucy Price and Aviva Kurash at


* Due to the restrictions of COVID, some of our support has required modification; for example we are unable to provide transportation though we can help find needed rides.  Likewise, visits are now experienced virtually; meals delivered without contact.  We recently sent a message to the Congregation to assure everyone that the Caring Committee continues to be there for them.   

Mon, June 5 2023 16 Sivan 5783