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The Adat Reyim Religious School is growing and thriving!  Join us for our exciting next year - Register today
We welcome our Interim Religious Education Director Melanie Berman- watch for exciting new initiatives.

Our vision is to expand the mind and open the soul, endowing each child with a passion for lifelong learning, and a fundamental appreciation of what it means to be a Jew in today’s world.  Our students have the opportunity to study Torah, God, Israel, Mitzvot, Jewish values, culture and history. The process of being a lifelong learner is essential for the survival of the Jewish people. The Adat Reyim Religious School is committed to its students and families, as we develop the love of Jewish learning not only as a student, but also as a Jewish adult, in any community.  

We are committed to family education --  bridging the gap between school, home, and society by providing immeasurable commitment to family education and lifelong learning.

And we have great new teen programming  as welcome our new Teen Coordinator 

Welcome to our Interim Education Director and our Youth Director

Melanie Berman, a respected teacher in our Religious School,  is leading our Religious School as Interim Educator Director.  She holds a BA in Psychology from Bryn Mawr College and an MA in Education from American University. She has served as a teacher, Education Director, Head of Jewish Studies, and Head of School at a variety of congregational schools and Jewish Day Schools throughout the United States. She served as Conference Chair and member of the Board of Directors of CAJE (Coalitions for Alternatives/Advancement of Jewish Education), and was the author of Jewish educational materials for Torah Aura Productions. She is eager to share her expertise and her love of Jewish learning with a new generation of students and their families.  This past school year, Melanie successfully piloted AR’s new Hebrew Instructional Model in our third and fourth grades.  She is looking forward to expanding that program to our fifth and sixth grades this coming school year.  Melanie can be reached by email at  


Danielle Gaita is joining us as our Youth Director this year, and she cannot be more excited! Originally from New Jersey, Danielle is a senior at George Mason. She is working towards a B.A. in Anthropology with a minor in Judaic Studies. Danielle has interned at the Capital Jewish Museum in Washington D.C. as a Museum Education Intern, working to revamp and revitalize the Teen Council there while immersing herself in local Jewish history. She will also be the Program Coordinator at the Pozez JCC's Camp Achva in Fairfax over the summer. Danielle is most looking forward to connecting with the teens and helping to provide them with a special community and support system of their own that encourages friendship, individuality, and most importantly - fun!   Danielle can be reached at or 703-569-7577 beginning August 15th.

Ruach Playlist on Spotify

Our Ruach Spotify Playlist includes the songs sang together during the 2021-2022 school year.  The playlist will continue to be updated as we share new music with the students this year. Our Ruach Specialists also created a Ruach High Holiday Playlist. If you do not already have an account with Spotify, you can download the app for free and begin listening.  The free version is not nearly as flexible and exciting as the for-a-fee version, but it is a place to start and is worth a try. 

Ruach Playlist
Ruach High Holiday Playlist

Tue, August 16 2022 19 Av 5782