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New Programs for Teens 2023-2024

  The Adat Reyim Religious School will be offering several new program options for our 8th -12th grade students during the 2023-2024 school year, including:

          * Tastes and Traditions: A 4- part cooking adventure featuring foods from Jewish communities around the world,  including Ashkenazic, Sephardic, Mizrachi, and Iraqi  favorites. Classes will be led by congregants as well as Dean Bagdadi, Israeli Shaliach at the Pozez JCC.

          * Teen Book Club: Explorations and conversations about  a wide variety of YA books exploring themes of Jewish life that are relevant to this age group. May include movies as well! Led by Melanie Berman.

           * Conversations with the Rabbi. Teens will be able to get to know our Interim Rabbi and explore topics of mutual interest.  

           * Special events designed for teens and led by professionals from various agencies within our community.

Programs will be flexible, and students can attend as many as they would like. Many programs will be scheduled on Sunday afternoons to minimize conflicts. Some programs will be open to all, while others will focus on particular grade levels. 

Registration to the Teen Program is done as part of the regular Enrollment Process.  We strongly encourage early enrollment so that we can do proper planning, but will accept new enrollments at any time .

If you are a parent of a Teen and would like to help build this program, please contact Melanie Berman at

Madrichim and Assistant Teachers

"Madrich" (masculine) or "madricha" (feminine) are the Hebrew terms meaning "guide" or "leader." Adat Reyim Religious School has a very successful Madrichim program where our teenagers not only serve as role models and guides to our younger students, but are guided by our staff in developing their teaching and leadership skills. As they help with students, the madrichim improve their own skills and gain a deeper understanding of their Jewish heritage.

Madrichim in grades 8-10 can serve many roles depending on their skills and interests. Some work as individual tutors with students who are building their Hebrew skills; other support students with learning, social, and emotional needs; students with special talents in art, music, and drama can share their talents as specialist. Madrichim often lead small groups, enabling the teachers to differentiate learning, and help to create a warm and caring classroom. Madrichim in 8th grade can earn service hours; those in 9th and 10th grade have a choice of earning Service Hours or receiving a stipend at the end of the school year.

Exceptional student leaders in 11th and 12th grades can become Assistant Teachers who take on more leadership responsibilities in our  grade level classrooms and individualized Hebrew program. These students are paid a monthly salary and attend teachers Meetings and staff development sessions.

An application form for the Madrichim/Assistant Teacher program will be mailed to families of current madrichim and Assistant Teachers, and will also be linked here for new applicants.

For more information about our Madrichim and Assistant Teacher programs, please contact our Interim Education Director, Melanie Berman at 

Thu, July 18 2024 12 Tammuz 5784