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                Experience Shabbat in a whole new way!

Adat Reyim recognizes there are many paths to a meaningful Shabbat. With our Rabbi's encouragement, members were asked to  propose new styles of welcoming Shabbat. We chose our top proposals, and we brought them to life in 2023, organized and led by our talented members. Each has been repeated and continued into the Spring of 2024.  Watch for opportunities in 2024-25!

Mark your calendars for New-Format Fridays --
come see what the buzz is all about! 
In Person and on Zoom (Non-member Zoom access - register HERE)

Previous New Format Fridays We Have Experienced

Women's Voices Shabbat

Friday, November 17,  2023 - 7PM (second round)

Led by Andrea Cate & Sariel Ende-Alonzo

Our women are powerful!  -  A Friday evening service that features prayer compositions by women, led by women in our congregation. We’ll also share the composer’s inspiration for each piece of music. 

In May, we turn the third Friday morning over to our Religious School! 

Religious School Shabbat

Friday, May 17, 2024 - 7:00 PM

We are excited to announce that Adat Reyim Teens will be leading our Shabbat service Friday, May 17. Please join us for this extraordinary treat and help support our students in their continuing growth.

Poetry Slam Shabbat

Friday, April 19, 2024 - 7PM

Led by Dann & Jen Sklarew

This service will substitute poetry, haiku and short prose for our traditional prayers and readings. We are expecting to have some great original submissions from the Congregation. 

Afternote:  Poetry Slam was a great success! Want to see a Zoom recording of the whole service?  Click here

Davvening with Disabilities

Friday, February 16, 2024, 7PM  (second round)

Led by Dann Sklarew

How can we make our Shabbat rituals/services accessible and reparative for everybody?  During a conventional Shabbat service, we’ll demonstrate how Americans living with disabilities - sensory, movement, psychological &/or neurodiversity - might struggle through those prayers. We'll also simulate some practices to increase accessibility and enable everyone to celebrate the Day of Rest. 

 Shabbat in Translation 

Friday, January 19,  2024 - 7PM (second round) (canceled due to inclement weather, rescheduling TBD)

Led by Sarah Austrin-Willis & Diana Conn

Conducted entirely in English, we'll seek the heartfelt essence of our Shabbat prayers, with music that invites all participants to sing along

Humanistic Shabbat

Friday, December 15,  2023 -7 PM  (second round)

Led by Russell Nadel 

Humanistic Judaism centers Jewish ethics, culture, history and community, without making reference to God. We’ll use songs and poems to connect with Jewish tradition, express awe and hope, and acknowledge life’s blessings.

Thu, July 18 2024 12 Tammuz 5784