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Interiors Rejuvenation

Bimah rejuvenation is underway! Read the latest update here


Adat Reyim is our spiritual and community home. More than bricks and mortar, it is our Etz Chayim, our Tree of Life - our building that has sustained us so well for nearly 30 years. Now it is time for us to come together as a congregation to rejuvenate our spiritual home.

Our founding roots, our values, remain strong and relevant. Our congregants today want a rejuvenated building that:

*  Is inclusive and welcoming
*  Fosters connections among community and family
*  Invites in nature 

We are all enjoying the sanctuary and lobby rejuvenation that have both elevated and enhanced the Adat Reyim experience.  A completely new sound system means you can sit in any seat in our sanctuary and hear with crystal clarity. New LED, dimmable lighting throughout brighten the space, conserve energy and lessen maintenance requirements. Pendant lighting takes advantage of our high ceilings and adds interest to the sanctuary space. Attractive acoustical panels hang from the ceiling to improve the sound quality throughout the sanctuary. The floor in the sanctuary and lobby has the appearance of quality hardwood, but is easier to maintain. The surrounding classrooms and library are carpeted in a coordinated pattern. Chosen for their extreme durability and acoustic properties, the flooring and carpeting are also specifically manufactured so there is no difference in height when transitioning from flooring to carpet, increasing comfort and accessibility for all.  


The new movable walls surround the sanctuary with warm wood paneling.  The walls are significantly easier to operate and provide better acoustic separation between rooms. Our classroom spaces are defined, providing an additional classroom along the western wall and making the double-size classroom adjoining the lobby a permanent larger room for onegs, meetings and other uses. The classroom side of the walls is covered in a self-healing material allowing teachers and committee leaders to pin items up without creating holes in the walls


Our lobby also benefits from new flooring and lighting, welcoming in members and visitors.  A beautiful feature wall, evoking nature and natural materials, greets our congregants and guests as they enter the lobby.


There are exciting plans for additional lobby enhancements, including new furniture that will inspire congregants to sit and schmooze. A planned new screen wall will help create an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere in the lobby and will provide privacy for doors to the bathrooms as well as concealing doors to the utility closets.  It will also provide display space for gift shop items and brochures/newspapers, and will make a more prominent space for an electronic display screen that could eventually carry a live-stream of the service.


Bimah Rejuvenation


The rejuvenation now continues with the critical revitalization of our most sacred space, our bimah.


This carefully crafted design reflects our continuing values of creating a holy place that is welcoming, engaging, and reflective of the beauty of nature. The design by Ritter-Norton Architects draws focus to the bimah, especially the Aron Kodesh - Holy Ark. Removal of the soffit at the rear of the bimah will allow more natural light to enter from above. The glass doors of the ark, with etchings that reflect nature, make the Torah’s accessible to all and yet maintain the mystery of the holy scrolls until the ark is opened. The ark reaches out to the congregation and up to the heavens. The Torah covers themselves are works of art, created for Adat Reyim by artist Jeanette Kuvin Oren. The Ner Tamid (Eternal Light) catches the eye with its glow, forever reminding us of G-D’s presence in our lives and community. It is beautifully crafted by glass artist Claude Riedel.


The bimah furnishings will be flexible to accommodate religious and non-religious activities. They are designed with storage space, and will be portable and adaptable so they may also be brought down to the sanctuary floor for more intimate gatherings. The wood and metal gracefully integrate with the ark design, Ner Tamid, and with our rejuvenated sanctuary interior.


Excited about the rejuvenation so far?  Want to provide essential support so that we can complete our rejuvenation together? Use the form below to make a donation. There are many items available for you to dedicate in honor or memory of a loved one, including one of the Torah covers, the Eternal Light and Bimah chairs. Contact to learn more about dedications. 

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Sun, June 20 2021 10 Tammuz 5781