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Interiors Rejuvenation





Adat Reyim is our spiritual and community home. More than bricks and mortar, it is our Etz Chayim, our Tree of Life - our building that has sustained us so well for nearly 30 years. Now it is time for us to come together as a congregation to rejuvenate our spiritual home.

Our founding roots, our values, remain strong and relevant. Our congregants today want a rejuvenated building that:

  • Is inclusive and welcoming
  • Fosters connections among community and family
  • Invites nature in

That is just what the beautiful designs from the architectural firm Interplan include, after many months of working with our Interiors Committee to accomplish this. We are now ready to nourish our roots so that our Etz Chayim will sustain, and inspire, new generations.

A healthy tree needs a healthy environment. Environment can add to one's experience, open hearts, bring peace and calm.  Sadly, our environment is worn, has a temporary feel, and needs updating. 

A healthy tree, with branches lifting heavenward, evokes spirituality. Our sacred objects are important. Our holy ark deserves more prominence on the Bimah and our Ner Tamid (Eternal Light) should glow with light so that it may act as a constant reminder of Adonai's presence in our lives and in our world. 

A healthy tree offers branches to sit upon and shade to rest under.  Accessibility is important. Everyone should be able to comfortably access the bimah, year-round, for an aliyah or a blessing. Everyone should be able to hear with clarity, no matter where they sit.

A healthy tree cradles the moon at night, and allows the sun to shine upon its branches and leaves by day.  The lighting in our Etz Chaim should be warm, efficient and adjustable, adding to the mood of the setting, whether a morning service or a meditative Havdalah.

A healthy tree nourishes the earth and is integral to Nature’s cycles of life.  It is important for our current congregants and to grow our membership. We want people to experience that ours is a warm, welcoming, inclusive community the minute they walk in the door. We want our environment to communicate our values.

We cannot delay in this essential rejuvenation. We have an opportunity to work together to sustain our congregation for ourselves and the next generation -- just like those who came before did for us.


We are excited to share the comprehensive design plans for the rejuvenated sanctuary and lobby. Please see the samples of flooring, wall, and upholstery materials on display in the synagogue lobby.


Our bimah will be enlarged with a permanent ramp integrated into the design to provide comfortable access for all. Soft lighting embedded in the ceiling will highlight and celebrate the Jerusalem stone backdrop. The wood accents in the chairs, ark, podiums, and railings will provide a timeless sense of nature to our spiritual space. (The new holy ark, ner tamid [Eternal Light], podiums and Torah reading table are representative suggestions of pieces that will add to the warmth and inviting qualities of the bimah, not specific pieces chosen.)





Notice the warm, natural elements in the sanctuary. New LED, dimmable lighting throughout will brighten the space, conserve energy and lessen maintenance requirements. Pendant lighting has been included to take advantage of our high ceilings and to add interest to the sanctuary space. Acoustical panels will hang from the ceiling to improve the sound quality throughout the sanctuary. The floor in the sanctuary and lobby has the appearance of quality hardwood, but is easier to maintain. The surrounding classrooms and library will be carpeted in a coordinated pattern. Chosen for their extreme durability and acoustic properties, the flooring and carpeting are also specifically manufactured so there is no difference in height when transitioning from flooring to carpet, increasing comfort and accessibility for all.  (The chair upholstery, as well as the “living walls” and iron window artwork, are all suggestions at this time.)


The new movable walls surrounding the sanctuary will be covered with an attractive yet durable product to add interest and warmth, yet keep maintenance at a minimum. The walls will be significantly easier to operate and provide better acoustic separation between rooms. Our classroom spaces will be redefined, providing an additional classroom along the western wall and making the double-size classroom adjoining the lobby a permanent larger room for onegs, meetings and other uses. The classroom side of the walls will be covered in a self-healing material allowing teachers and committee leaders to pin items up without creating holes in the walls. Plans call for a permanent screen installed in the oneg room for movies and presentations. The design provides the opportunity to install the equipment for streaming worship services and special events as a means of reaching those living in other communities or unable to be present at the synagogue.

A new screen wall will help create an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere in the lobby and will provide privacy for doors to the bathrooms as well as concealing doors to the utility closets.  It will also provide display space for gift shop items and brochures/newspapers, and will make a more prominent space for an electronic display screen that could eventually carry a live-stream of the service. The current Tree of Life will be re-envisioned in this space and will include all of the existing “leaves” which have been donated over the years with room for more.  A permanent coffee bar (with a built-in water line and mini-fridge), along with a café table and chairs and children’s table and chairs, will be added for schmoozing and gathering.  




A beautiful feature wall, evoking nature and natural materials, will greet our congregants and guests as they enter the lobby. New doors, with accessible hardware, will be installed at both the lobby entrance and the sanctuary entrance.  An attractive light fixture and coordinated area rug will anchor the lobby furnishings, creating warmth and texture in the space.










**  Note:  The architect’s renderings are limited in their ability to accurately show the upholstery fabrics that have been chosen for the overall design.  Please see the sample boards in the synagogue lobby for actual fabric swatch samples.      


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