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Rabbi Search - Our Core Values

Words that describe and define us:

Community - Adat Reyim is a community of Friends. We are a small and connected congregation to each other. We are welcoming to those that are members and to non-members.

Diversity – As a Jewish community, Adat Reyim strives to include members of all types of backgrounds. This covers the different Jewish denominations along with members of varied political, economic, social, racial, interfaith non-Jewish backgrounds, and all gender identities.

Participatory – As a community of friends, we cannot be a community of friends without strong, active participation from our congregation. This means that all types of events from religious to secular are conducted to get people involved. Examples of this are creative Friday night services, lay led services and our music groups. Our community engages in many local social action events from an interfaith MLK Shabbat service to helping resettle Afghan refugees.

Interfaith– Interfaith support is a strong part of our core. Member units can comprise Jews, non-Jews, and Jewish aligned people. We welcome non-Jewish members of our congregation and champion their inclusion in our Jewish religious practices and rituals.

Inclusive – Our goal is to include everyone, irrespective of differences.

Innovative – As an institution, we are willing to try new things from religious practices to internal actions to external actions. Examples of this include religious practices that are both traditional and progressive. Our Shabbat morning services are traditional with strong lay leadership, while Friday night services can include instruments or special themes such as poetry. We use Ashkenazic and Sephardic traditions in our services and welcome new ideas that strengthen our Jewish identity and community connection.

Welcoming – Everyone is welcome. We want you to come in and enjoy your time with us.



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Thu, September 21 2023 6 Tishrei 5784